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MugglePay is a payment API for online merchants in high risk industries to receive money safely and anonymously through accepting cryptocurrency.

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Customer pays in seconds. MugglePay provides seamless crypto processing including lightening network and cross-wallet relay payments solution.

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80% off comparing with Visa. Reach a broad audience with crypto HODLers.


0 Chargebacks and make customers feel safer - no need for credit card numbers or private keys.


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Client says

D. C. - Network Service

Customers concern about the privacy of their purchases, and our existing credit card payment or third-party solutions failed to answer users’ concerns. MugglePay solves the privacy and security problem, which boosts MoM growth by 13%.

L. W.- Entertainment Video Site

Paypal froze my bank account due to high chargeback rates and other third-party charges more than 10% for processing fee with annual fee. Now I make own money with MugglePay.